Recent Grinder Settings and Enjoyments

Following up the last post, I have more time now and here are 2 new features that I’ve wanted for a while.

First one will show you all the coffee/grinder/profile combos, and the last grinder setting you used with each of them. This is super useful when you’re going from one coffee to another, or when you have a special coffee that you don’t use that often. In my case, that’s a bag of decaf that I drink one or two per week and always forget what the grind setting was. This solves that problem, and now I can always just open Visualizer and immediately see what the grind setting was for any coffee I brewed recently.

Recent coffee/grinder/profile combos

The second one is a more visual one and something I always wanted to see on a plot. It’s a plot of all the enjoyment scores in the past 6 months.

Coffee Enjoyments Plot

Both features are available on separate tabs on the main Your Shots page. But I’ll remember the tab you chose, so whenever you come to Visualizer, the one that you had last open, will open again. Both features are exclusive to Premium users. Mainly because I don’t consider them a must-have, but also because I’d like to boost my income a bit, now that I’m jobless. 😅

Hope you’ll love these, as much as I do, or sign up for Premium if you haven’t already.

There were also a couple of minor improvements since the last post. My favorite one is detecting change in dark/light OS theme and reflecting it on the page immediately. 🤩

Thank you for reading this post and using Visualizer! 🥰