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Elevate your coffee experience by joining our vibrant community of coffee enthusiasts. Upload, track, analyze, and perfect your espresso or filter coffee shots with ease.

Coffee meet Cloud

Improve Your Coffee

Visualizer.coffee offers essential tools and a supportive community to help you explore, perfect, and enjoy your coffee like never before.

Broad Compatibility & Integration
Visualizer was designed to work seamlessly with Decent espresso machines. Recently, it has expanded its compatibility to support Smart Espresso Profiler, Pressensor and Beanconqueror. This provides a streamlined experience that caters to a diverse range of coffee enthusiasts, accommodating their preferred devices.
Comprehensive Data Analysis
Visualizer provides a deep dive into your coffee shots with user-friendly charts and robust comparison tools. Premium users gain access to advanced customization options and a treasure trove of community-generated data to fuel their pursuit of coffee excellence.
Connect with a Passionate Community
Immerse yourself in a global network of over 3,900 coffee aficionados who upload shots daily. Engage with fellow coffee enthusiasts, exchange insights, and collaborate in the collective quest for the ultimate coffee.
Flexible Pricing with Exclusive Benefits
Access Visualizer for free with a month of saved shots or upgrade to Premium plan at €5/month for an even richer experience. Discover the full range of premium features with a 7-day free trial, and take your coffee journey to new heights.

First commit

Just hours after unboxing a Decent espresso machine in November 2020, the first iteration was created and shared with the community.

Visualizer v2

A massive overhaul that transformed the platform into a more dynamic and user-friendly tool. Visualizer quickly gained popularity, amassing over 100 users and 4,000 shots within just two months. The redesigned interface offered an improved experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Switching to SaaS

Due to the platform's substantial growth, Visualizer transitioned from a sponsorship model to a freemium subscription model. The goal was to cover hosting costs and expand development of new features.

1 Million Shots

Visualizer reached an impressive milestone of 1 million uploaded shots. The platform introduced preliminary support for Beanconqueror, Pressensor, and Smart Espresso Profiler files, marking the beginning of an exhilarating journey. As Visualizer expands beyond the Decent coffee community, it aims to engage a broader audience of devoted coffee enthusiasts, promising a future filled with innovation and excitement.

From the blog

Floods in Slovenia

Slovenia was hit by the worst natural disaster in its history. As a gesture of solidarity, I'm channeling all proceeds from this month's Visualizer Premium subscriptions to aid those affected. Any donations are also much appreciated. 🙏

Custom Fields and Airtable

Visualizer Premium users just got Custom Fields and Airtable integration. Now you can store anything you want. And you can bulk edit! Also, enjoy our snazzy new landing page, faster Skypack CDN, and improved parsers.

1 Million 😱

Huge news! Visualizer has hit 1 million uploaded shots! Thanks for making us part of your coffee journey! 🥰 Also new: preliminary support for Beanconqueror and Smart Espresso Profiler.