Happy New Year 🥳

A short one today, just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, and remind you to check your Yearly Brew. And, new since the feature was announced, you can now share it. Here’s mine.

There were many changes since the v4 release. Mainly bug fixes, infrastructure improvements (I switched to Ruby 3.3), exposing custom fields in the API, and the aforementioned Yearly Brew.

There’s now also a newsletter, as you probably know already. Some people said it went to spam, because some other people marked the email as such. 😅

I hoped the easy unsubscribe would be enough, but you can never predict how people are going to react to an email. Or, how email services will. To ensure you receive the next email, you should probably add my email to your contacts. This should keep it out of your spam folder. Since most of you liked the newsletter, and haven’t unsubscribed (yet), you can expect more of them in the future. Not many, but only when I deem something important enough.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day, and have a happy new year full of great coffee. 🥳

PS: In case you have some time on your hands, and/or want to know more about my year, feel free to check long form Yearly Review on my personal blog.