Floods in Slovenia

This past weekend, my homeland, Slovenia, was hit by the worst natural disaster in its history. The catastrophic weather saw almost a month’s worth of rainfall in 24 hours. Torrential rains ushered in widespread flooding that caused unprecedented damage. Vast areas of the country were submerged. As the waters began to recede, the aftermath became evident with destroyed homes, roads, and many collapsed bridges.

At least six people have died, and thousands have been forced to flee their homes to escape the floods, with many rescued by helicopters or firefighters in boats. The financial damage is staggering, estimated to be in the billions of euros.

Prevalje from above Prevalje from above. Photo: Fedja Grulovic Aftermath in Kamnik Kamnik aftermath. Photo: Klemen Udovč
Municipalities affected in the floods Municipalities affected by the floods are colored in orange

While my family and I were fortunate to suffer only minor damage, the same cannot be said for many of our compatriots. I’ve heard stories of families watching a lifetime of memories being washed away in mere hours. The weight of such loss is unimaginable, and the collective heartbreak of our nation is palpable.

As a gesture of solidarity, I will be donating all proceeds from this month’s Visualizer Premium subscriptions to charity organizations aiding flood victims. If you choose to subscribe now, know that your contribution will directly support those in dire need. For those already subscribed or wishing to make a personal donation, my friends wrote an article detailing various charities stepping up in this crisis. If you’re unsure which one to pick, consider donating directly here.

Please, if you can, lend a helping hand. Every bit counts.

Thank you. 🙏