Coffee Management

Happy Friday! 🥳

Today I merged one of the biggest PRs I’ve worked on for Visualizer. It fundamentally changes how Visualizer stores data about your coffee. Up until now, all data was stored directly on a shot. With this change, you’ll be able to optionally extract data into Roasters and Coffee Bags. This will allow you to change all the coffee data of all the shots by a single bag or roaster at once. 🤩

Even though it might have seemed like not much was going on with Visualizer development lately, I can tell you that this work started way back in March. I’ve been working on it most Fridays and many hours during the weekends. I’m able to do that because I’ve started working with Cliniko, and the 30-hour work week allows me to dedicate significant time to Visualizer, for which I’m super grateful. 🙏

This kind of feature has been requested pretty much since day one, and I’ve tried to implement it in many different ways. Each time I eventually found a wall I couldn’t get past and then gave up. This time I believe I cracked it, and I’m very happy with how it all turned out.

However, you cannot try this yet! 😬

Like I said, it’s a big feature with lots of code changes. I changed many interfaces, introduced several new views, created a combo-box component from scratch, and spent a ton of time reworking Airtable integration to support 2 new tables, touching pretty much everything in the codebase. To be exact: 2,459 lines of code were added and 1,150 removed. 🙈

I’m quite confident in all the changes, and I’ve tested them thoroughly. But in a couple of days, I’ll be going to Indonesia for 3 weeks, and doing bug fixes and customer support is not on the list of things I want to be doing there. 😄

You can expect this to be available to Premium subscribers in the beginning of August.

The reason I merged it today and announced it here is simply that I didn’t want to hold it back any longer. Besides the big feature, this update brings a lot of UI/UX updates to all users, like:

  • Fixing zooming on iOS when tapping into a search field
  • More compact edit/delete buttons to have more row space
  • Not taking valuable row space if no shot has an image attached to it
  • The aforementioned combo box for selecting grinder, roaster, and bean type
  • Dark mode improvements
  • Standardizing how links look

And probably some more that I’ve frankly forgotten about, given how long I’ve been working on this. 😂

Thanks for your time, thanks for using Visualizer, enjoy your summer, treat yourself to some amazing coffee, and expect another announcement in early August. 🌴