Shot by Nate Welland

9 Bar Standard
November 19, 2023 19:34
Luna Gathugu ESP
18 g : 44.7 g (1:2.5) in 27.6 s
Niche @ 5.5
Barista:  Nate
Bean notes:

Producers: smallholders organized around the Gathugu washing station
Place: Nyeri, Kenya
Varieties: SL28 & Ruiru 11
Processing: Washed
Harvest: Dec-Jan 2022/23

Pulled using standard 9 bar profile with 93C water (Vancouver city tap/low ppm)
18g in / 45g. out in about 28 sec.


Tastes like plums, cherry, plum pudding, cacao, nutmeg, shortbread finish.
Clean, bright but balanced, mild bitterness, long lingering finish.