Shot by Nate Welland

9 Bar Standard
August 27, 2023 19:57
Luna Duromina (Espresso) on July 31 2023
18 g : 44.7 g (1:2.5) in 29.0 s
Niche @ 8.5
Barista:  Nate
Bean notes:

Producers: smallholders organized around Duromina washing station and members of the Kata Muduga cooperative union
Place: Agaro, Ethiopia
Varieties: local landrace
Processing: Washed
Importer: Red Fox
Harvest: Dec-Jan 2022/23
Tasting notes: violet florals, riesling grape, buttery texture

With gentle violet florals, juicy riesling grape acidity, and buttery texture to round it all out, this washed processed lot from Duromina cooperative consists of local landrace varieties picked and processed with soil, water, and biodiversity in mind, coffees coming from the forests in Agaro represents some of the few semi-wild coffees remaining in the ancestral lands of Ethiopia.


Tastes great, better than shot before which was 22sec. Now more grape flavour, juicy bright but balanced, buttery body but open a soft tea flavours too. Pleasant finish, very low bitterness.