Long time no post 👋

There was nothing major enough worth announcing, so I didn’t write any post. But now I see I’ve done quite a lot since the last update, so let’s go through it all.

To first address the title of the post: I’ve made significant changes to how certain Shot information is stored and indexed, with the end result being a vastly faster and thus superior Community search experience. The query time went from ~2s to ~50ms. It completely transforms how useful that page is.

I’ve also sped up my tests significantly, but that doesn’t really affect you. 😅

Recently John started adding API endpoints to Decent, so now you can also log in to Decent. You can do that by clicking on your avatar in the upper right, and then clicking Connect with Decent. Right now it doesn’t do anything but display serial number(s) of your machine(s) in your Edit profile, but I’m sure there’ll be more for me to do as John adds more API endpoints.

Another thing I’ve missed since the v4 redesign is opening shots in new tabs. You can do this now by cmd/ctrl clicking on any shot in the list. In some browsers even middle click works, but that’s outside of my control since browsers are quite strict what kind of manipulations they allow in JavaScript.

I’ve also made a massive change importing and parsing Beanconqueror shots with #98. These are now imported exactly as they are and parsing for charts is done on the fly. I also display all the other data from the app in a much nicer way now. This are all the first foundational steps for what will be a new shot file format. It’s a collaboration between many parties, and there’s a ton still left to do, but I’m already super excited about the future. 🥳