Import to Pressensor

A couple of weeks ago, gillesbeesley opened an interesting issue on GitHub basically asking this:

As a Pressensor user with a Flair 58 and modified Breville dual boiler, I’d like to download my shot data in CSV format and upload it to the Pressensor app for reference when pressure and flow profiling on my machines.

Since I’ve never used Pressensor, it took some back and forth, to figure out the exact format. Eventually I found a way to add the export functionality, so now, you can easily export any shot as a CSV file by clicking the table-shaped button on any shot page.

Updates RSS

Since I support RSS on people’s pages, there’s absolutely no reason there shouldn’t be a feed for Updates as well. So now there is:


As usual, there were many other minor improvements, most notably switching the JavaScript CDN provider from Skypack to jsDelivr. I didn’t have any issues, but Skypack seems abandoned, and importmap-rails recenty switched logic to always download. I decided to use the new approach wherever possible, and, since I was already working with importmaps, I took the opportunity to switch to jsDelivr for packages that are not yet compatible with the new approach due to their complexity.

Enjoy the remainder of your Easter! 🐣