Shot by KelvinW

Damian's LRv2 90.0°C
February 05, 2021 08:35
Cata Coffee Guatemala, Los Pinitos, Typica (Medium-Light) on 18 Jan 2021
18.0g:36.3g (1:2.0) in 46.3s
Monolith Flat @ 2-2.25
TDS 10.08% EY 20.16%
Bean notes:

Los Pinitos, Guilco Huehuetenango, Guatemala, produced by William Perez Hildago.
Notes: Caramel, Kyoho Grapes with Elderflowers notes. Juicy mouthfeel with mellow acidity


This pull produced a medium body espresso with very juicy grape-like acidity and floral notes, almost like a much more concentrated filter and very easy to drink. Work well with milk to give a sweet fruity and nutty latte, when hot. However, once it cooled down, sweetness level drops and some unpleasant bitter notes appeared.