November 23, 2022

The None tab

There has been a ton of positive feedback on the new tabs feature available to premium users. There has been one negative one though: they can take a lot of vertical space. Especially on mobile devices. Which makes it difficult to get to your shots. So today I introduced the None tab. It does exactly what you think it does: hides all the tab content. I think this solves the downside pretty well. And, as before, I remember the last selected tab, so if you select None, it’ll always be the default tab for you on that browser.

The migration to Fly was a bit rocky at times, with a total downtime of about 40 minutes. As far as these kinds of migrations go, I’m extremely happy how it turned out. And I couldn’t be happier how well Visualizer is performing now. Response times are down across the board, and the page just feels super snappy. 🤩

There were many more changes, including preliminary support for Smart Espresso Profiler. It’s not perfect yet, since I need to gather more files and users, but soon Visualizer could connect the wider geeky coffee world, and not just be Decent exclusive, and that’s super exciting to me. 🥳