January 21, 2022

OAuth 2.0 server

Recently ross() aka ryan questioned me about adding an OAuth server to Visualizer. He has some ideas about creating an application and feels like it would not make much sense to create accounts there too.

Speaking of, his company Luma has decided to give away 10 1-year subscriptions to Visualizer. So if you’re not yet a Premium member, you should probably check out Discord. 😉

Our conversation got me thinking, and of course, I want to support 3rd parties building things on top of/around Visualizer. So starting today, any user with the developer flag can create an application. If you want to develop apps against Visualizer, please contact me, and I’ll enable it for you.

For the technically inclined, I support Authorization Code Flow via doorkeeper. Here’s some info on how to use it:

The default scope is read, which gives you read-only access. You can also request write scope, which will allow you to write. The only supported actions are the ones in the API as of this writing, so the only write action is api/shots/upload.

I plan to extend endpoints in the future. If you’re interested in this, please let me know what you’d need.