October 3, 2021

Extend shot compare feature

Following up on Custom Charts I’ve been steadily improving the stability and reliability of the Visualizer handling some more weird cases that @EnriqueBengoechea found.

I also made the importer a bit smarter to not take “0.0” as a valid weight when DSx weight is set. This should now be more reliable in cases where you used DSx but then switched to a different skin.

I extended the API to allow downloading JSON of all shots, not just public ones. Since you can see any shot if you have its url it only makes sense to be able to download its raw data as well.

I’ve been trying out privacy-friendly analytics plausible.io and I’ve discovered 2 things:

  1. there’s quite a big diff between numbers it records and my server records. Meaning a lot of us are using content/ad blockers 😅
  2. most people use Visualizer on mobile:


Now this second finding has to be taken with a grain of salt because it is probable that that the diff in numbers is mostly desktop users. Still, I was very surprised by this since I almost never look at my shots on the phone, preferring the big screen instead. I already try hard to have the website working as good as possible on mobile sizes, but this means I have to double down when working on new features - mobile first is the name of the game.

Speaking of new features, 2 days ago I added a small improvement to the Espresso enjoyment slider. No longer being just a slider, now it also comes with a number input. If you prefer typing to sliding you can now do just that:

And today I’ve made it easy to compare shot you’re looking at with any other shot, not just yours:

All you have to do is paste the URL of the other shot in the new input field. 😉