Shot by KelvinW

Best practice (medium roast) me 90.5°C
July 01, 2021 05:04
Dockyard Coffee Ethiopia (Medium-Dark) on 15 JUN 2021
17.0g:36.0g (1:2.1) in 28.8s
Monolith Flat @ 4.25
TDS 10.13% EY 21.0%
Bean notes:

Banco Cotete
Kochere Yirgacheffee
Washed process
Peach, Dried Strawberries, Juicy
Filter/Espresso roast


The longer ratio opens up the brew in the espresso with aroma of peach and strawberries. Sweet notes of peaches and strawberries and syrupy.

In milk, it has notes of strawberry fruit cake, creamy and smooth with milk tea notes.