January 3, 2022

Visualizer v3

The latest change does many things, so I decided to brand it as “v3”.

Most important change: I’m switching the sponsorship model to subscriptions via Stripe.

As you read in the previous post(s), Visualizer has quite drastically changed from what I thought it would be to what it is. It now has over 1.200 users and over 200.000 uploaded shots. It became a serious thing, so I want to move away from GitHub Sponsorships and create something that is 100% legal and entirely under my control.

So a couple of changes are coming to the free plan:

  • only see/search the last month of shots
  • no longer able to customize chart colors

Premium will get you:

  • chart customization
  • unlimited shot visibility
  • search across all public shots

And also these shiny new things:

  • adjust the timing of the comparison shot, aka sliding timeline
  • attach images to your shots

Timing adjusting in practice:

The main reason behind creating sponsorships was covering the costs of Visualizer hosting. That goal has been achieved and exceeded. So now I have a grander plan: I would like to see Premium cover not only hosting costs but also my feature development. I have many ideas, and I’d love to spend more time on Visualizer. But if I want to work on it more, I need more time, and that clearly can’t come out of my free time if I wish to make any progress. 😅

One thing I’m looking at, for example, is Visualizer use in cafés. I came across Flow a while back and realized that all (and more) its device provides is contained in Decent shot files. So building that kind of service on top of Visualizer for cafe users should be achievable. If you run a cafe and use Decent, please get in touch. I’d love to discuss how I could help you.

So let’s talk cost. I had two sponsorship tiers: $2 and $5. About 10% of supporters chose the latter for no reason other than they’re not just amazing; they’re incredible people. Now I want to have a single plan, so I decided to split the difference and go with ~3€ net. I want it to be 100% legal, which means my business will be issuing invoices. That requires me to pay taxes and Stripe fees, so the final number is 5€/month. But if you choose the yearly option, I give you two months for free, so you’d pay 50€/year.

This is how the cost distribution looks like for me:

Premium Plan Cost

I want to thank and reward all past sponsors, so anyone who supported me will get the same amount of months of free Premium plan. And if they chose the $5 option, I’ll double the amount of free months.

I hope you like all the changes I made and decide that Premium is worth it for you. But even if it is not currently, I’ll try my best with the future features to change your mind. 😅

P.S. As I’ve mentioned, this is a considerable change. So if you encounter any bugs, please open a GitHub issue or email me.

Thank you! 🤗

November 7, 2021

1st Anniversary

This is not a log of change as such, but more like a refresher of where we’ve been.

I received my Decent on Nov 4th, 2020, and almost immediately, I wanted to analyze my shots on a big screen instead of the wonky Android tablet. Looking at the timestamps of photos and git commits, I can see I unboxed the espresso machine at 1 PM, and the first commit was made just 3 hours later. 🙈

The next day I had something working online, and I shared it in the Decent Diaspora. The community seemed to love it, and so I kept improving it. That post was continuously updated with all the new features as they were implemented, but today I also made a nice gif of the changes of those first couple of months:

Visualizer was growing faster and faster, and more and more users started relying on it. So it was clear I had something important here. That’s why I invested a lot of my time in January 2021 and, at the end of it, released a completely new v2. It was again accomplished by a long post in the Decent Diaspora with many gifs, screenshots, and explanations.

While not visually as significant, the change I made at the end of April was as if I started from scratch. I replaced how the core of Visualizer works - the charting library itself when I switched to Highcharts. This time I posted in the Decent Forum (if you’re not a member yet, do join 😉) where I went into details explaining why and how the change was made. One of the things this enabled, for example, is one of the most used features nowadays: shot comparison. Ever since then, I’ve been steadily adding features and writing about them here.

At the time of writing, Visualizer has 1,050 users who’ve uploaded 161,286 shots, and just yesterday, 983 new shots were uploaded. Visualizer was supposed to be a tiny thing I did for myself. I never imagined it’d be as accepted and used by the Decent community as it has been/is.

At this point, I have to especially thank Enrique and Johanna since, without the 1st party Visualizer Uploader, I don’t think this would ever be what it is today. 🥰

And a very special thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the sponsors who make it possible that I can keep this thing running without it being a financial burden for me. 🤗🤗🤗

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! ☕️

October 30, 2021

Ability to enroll in beta

Today I introduced a tiny change that allows you to enroll in the beta program:


If you’re wondering what this is about, you probably missed Enrique’s post on importing shot definitions and profiles. You can read it on the Decent Forum or on the Basecamp Diaspora.

Basically, you can take any shot uploaded after I implemented profile extractions and send it straight to DYE.

For now, it’s only available in the app’s nightly and Visualizer’s beta because there are probably still some kinks left to iron out. But it’s pretty exciting, wouldn’t you say? 🥳