October 19, 2021

Extract profile from uploaded files

Well, this is exciting 😅

Have you ever looked at someone else’s chart and wished you had that profile? And then tried searching all over Basecamp only to find unrelated threads and/or broken links? If you somehow managed to find a .tcl of that profile, you couldn’t be sure you have the latest version. And even if you did, you would be missing out on all the customizations the author did.

Worry no more! From now on, I do some extensive tcl gymnastics to extract the profile data out of any shot file. Meaning that every file uploaded from today onwards that contains profile data will have a new download icon up in the header. And clicking that icon will download the .tcl profile. The very same one the author used for pulling that shot. 🥳

Works like magic

Here’s an example from one of my shots.

As mentioned, there’s a lot of file wrangling going on, so there might be cases where the feature doesn’t work as promised. In case you find any such case, please open a GitHub issue describing the problem. Thank you!


We discovered that not every .shot file contains the profile fields. The current hypothesis is that the profile data is saved to the .shot file when the shot is saved to history. Visualizer uploader extension uses the in-memory settings variables to dynamically generate the content, whereas re-upload reads the persisted .shot file from history. So if you want the profile to be there, you need to re-upload the .shot file via extension or upload it directly in the Visualizer interface.

Update 2

I figured out that what was actually happening was that the shot uploaded from the Visualizer uploader extension is the new JSON format one, and not the old .shot one. That explains why profiles were missing on the auto-uploaded shots - I haven’t built a parser for profiles out of JSON files. 🤦‍♂️😂

Anyway, this has now been amended, so from now on, even the auto-uploaded files should have downloadable profiles. 🎉

October 16, 2021

Added Changelog

I decided to make this page because I know how hard it is to keep track of all the new posts on Basecamp, and I know not all of you are using Decent Forum.

Here’s where I’ll announce all the changes in the Visualizer as they happen. This way, you’ll be aware of all the new thingies I add as I add them, and not weeks later when you stumble upon them accidentally. 😅

October 10, 2021

Autocomplete instead of preloading everything in Search

I completely reimplemented the filtering on the Search page. Instead of extracting and preloading all the existing profile titles, bean brands, and bean types, I now do it on demand. This speeds up page load drastically since I don’t have to do 3 massive queries every time. I only query when needed and then show a nice autocomplete dropdown. You can navigate the dropdown with either mouse (scrolling and clicking) or keyboard (down/up keys and enter for selection).

Additionally, the new autocomplete filtering should be better as it is smarter: it treats every space as a wildcard. So, for example, querying for b bea would turn into %b%bea% (where % is a wildcard) and would then match and return Bani Beans. This should ease searching by profile especially. Here’s an example:

Profile Search

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