January 21, 2022

OAuth 2.0 server

Recently ross() aka ryan questioned me about adding an OAuth server to Visualizer. He has some ideas about creating an application and feels like it would not make much sense to create accounts there too.

Speaking of, his company Luma has decided to give away 10 1-year subscriptions to Visualizer. So if you’re not yet a Premium member, you should probably check out Discord. 😉

Our conversation got me thinking, and of course, I want to support 3rd parties building things on top of/around Visualizer. So starting today, any user with the developer flag can create an application. If you want to develop apps against Visualizer, please contact me, and I’ll enable it for you.

For the technically inclined, I support Authorization Code Flow via doorkeeper. Here’s some info on how to use it:

The default scope is read, which gives you read-only access. You can also request write scope, which will allow you to write. The only supported actions are the ones in the API as of this writing, so the only write action is api/shots/upload.

I plan to extend endpoints in the future. If you’re interested in this, please let me know what you’d need.

January 19, 2022

Improved Search across your shots

From the beginning of Visualizer v2, you’ve been able to filter your shots by bean brand and type. It was a very primitive way of narrowing down your shots, but it worked.

A couple of months later, I’ve added the basic search across public shots. There have been constant improvements to the search page ever since. Adding the autocomplete of fields, adding narrowing down shots by the user, and just recently, I’ve added narrowing down by grinder and notes.

Today I expanded the search page with one tiny but massive change. You can now select yourself even if you’re not public. I take privacy very seriously so let me make this clear: if you are not public, then only you can see your shots, no one else. If you haven’t defined your name in your profile, you select yourself by your email. Only you can see your email, no one else.

I still have those links on bean brand and type in Your Shots view:

Search Links

but when you click them, you’re no longer on the filtered Your Shots page, but you’re taken to the Search page filtered by whatever you clicked on and your user:

Search Box

There you can narrow down your shots even further to find exactly what you’re looking for.

January 16, 2022

Conductance and Resistance

Yesterday Collin Arneson asked for my reasoning on having the r=p/f formula for the resistance line. After a really long time (god, is Basecamp search bad) I found this post by Damian that solidified my thinking and made me decide on this formula way back when. Then Collin came back with excellent arguments and the following summary:

…while if the discussion is r=p/f or r=p/f^2, I’ll vote for r=p/f^2, really I just think they are both problematic ways of looking at the data, and if you’re at all interested in changing how Visualizer displays this data, this (charting conductance as f^2/p and its derivative) is a way of looking at the data that I think offers the user some useful, actionable insight that is hard to access with resistance.

So after reading the original Derivative of puck conductance post on Basecamp and the argument post above, it became clear that I have to include Conductance and Conductance derivative lines. And while at it, also changing the resistance formula. So that’s exactly what I did, and you can now see all 3 lines on all of your shots:

Conductance and Resistance charts

All 3 are hidden by default and can be enabled by clicking on their title in the legend. But if you’re a Premium user, you can go to your profile and customize default visibility. Also, color, dashing, and smoothing, if you want.

If you (like me until yesterday) don’t know what this is all about, I can really recommend Collin’s latest post: Interpreting Conductance Derivative Charts.