January 16, 2022

Conductance and Resistance

Yesterday Collin Arneson asked for my reasoning on having the r=p/f formula for the resistance line. After a really long time (god, is Basecamp search bad) I found this post by Damian that solidified my thinking and made me decide on this formula way back when. Then Collin came back with excellent arguments and the following summary:

…while if the discussion is r=p/f or r=p/f^2, I’ll vote for r=p/f^2, really I just think they are both problematic ways of looking at the data, and if you’re at all interested in changing how Visualizer displays this data, this (charting conductance as f^2/p and its derivative) is a way of looking at the data that I think offers the user some useful, actionable insight that is hard to access with resistance.

So after reading the original Derivative of puck conductance post on Basecamp and the argument post above, it became clear that I have to include Conductance and Conductance derivative lines. And while at it, also changing the resistance formula. So that’s exactly what I did, and you can now see all 3 lines on all of your shots:

Conductance and Resistance charts

All 3 are hidden by default and can be enabled by clicking on their title in the legend. But if you’re a Premium user, you can go to your profile and customize default visibility. Also, color, dashing, and smoothing, if you want.

If you (like me until yesterday) don’t know what this is all about, I can really recommend Collin’s latest post: Interpreting Conductance Derivative Charts.

January 12, 2022

New Search Fields and More

I’ve been overwhelmed by how positively the change to subscriptions was received. Many of you have signed up already, and most of you for the yearly plan. Which means you believe in Visualizer/me. Thank you all so much! 🥰

Since then, I’ve continued my development, and many things have been done.

Most notably for me: I switched to Ruby 3.1 and Tailwind 3. The latter was done via rails-tailwind gem, which allowed me to drop the entire JavaScript stack. This makes for simpler, faster, and easier development, and I couldn’t be happier. 🥳

But some things are notable for you too. Firstly, I added a couple of filters to the search: Grinder model, Roast level, Bean notes, and Espresso notes. This allows you to narrow down the public shots further, to find exactly what you’re looking for.

New Search Fields

Secondly, the shot comparison has been improved. The new slider is relative to be the entire length of the longest shot of the two you’re comparing. I’ve added labels to it now, so it should be more apparent.

But the most complex issue was found when comparing shots done by machines reporting on different frequencies. I didn’t even know that devices report with varying intervals of time. But now I do, and now Visualizer handles that as well. ✅

January 3, 2022

Visualizer v3

The latest change does many things, so I decided to brand it as “v3”.

Most important change: I’m switching the sponsorship model to subscriptions via Stripe.

As you read in the previous post(s), Visualizer has quite drastically changed from what I thought it would be to what it is. It now has over 1.200 users and over 200.000 uploaded shots. It became a serious thing, so I want to move away from GitHub Sponsorships and create something that is 100% legal and entirely under my control.

So a couple of changes are coming to the free plan:

  • only see/search the last month of shots
  • no longer able to customize chart colors

Premium will get you:

  • chart customization
  • unlimited shot visibility
  • search across all public shots

And also these shiny new things:

  • adjust the timing of the comparison shot, aka sliding timeline
  • attach images to your shots

Timing adjusting in practice:

The main reason behind creating sponsorships was covering the costs of Visualizer hosting. That goal has been achieved and exceeded. So now I have a grander plan: I would like to see Premium cover not only hosting costs but also my feature development. I have many ideas, and I’d love to spend more time on Visualizer. But if I want to work on it more, I need more time, and that clearly can’t come out of my free time if I wish to make any progress. 😅

One thing I’m looking at, for example, is Visualizer use in cafés. I came across Flow a while back and realized that all (and more) its device provides is contained in Decent shot files. So building that kind of service on top of Visualizer for cafe users should be achievable. If you run a cafe and use Decent, please get in touch. I’d love to discuss how I could help you.

So let’s talk cost. I had two sponsorship tiers: $2 and $5. About 10% of supporters chose the latter for no reason other than they’re not just amazing; they’re incredible people. Now I want to have a single plan, so I decided to split the difference and go with ~3€ net. I want it to be 100% legal, which means my business will be issuing invoices. That requires me to pay taxes and Stripe fees, so the final number is 5€/month. But if you choose the yearly option, I give you two months for free, so you’d pay 50€/year.

This is how the cost distribution looks like for me:

Premium Plan Cost

I want to thank and reward all past sponsors, so anyone who supported me will get the same amount of months of free Premium plan. And if they chose the $5 option, I’ll double the amount of free months.

I hope you like all the changes I made and decide that Premium is worth it for you. But even if it is not currently, I’ll try my best with the future features to change your mind. 😅

P.S. As I’ve mentioned, this is a considerable change. So if you encounter any bugs, please open a GitHub issue or email me.

Thank you! 🤗

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