May 7, 2022

EY Calculator

I have had some busy days lately, so there haven’t been many significant features recently. There were still lots of changes since the last update, though: the weight-in-cup annotations were improved, a free 7-day trial period for Premium was introduced, you can now enter VAT in the premium billing screen, premium banner got much less annoying (only showing it on the shot index now), search by user got improved, you can now see the total number of shots you’ve uploaded on the shot index, and many more small fixes and improvements.

Currently, I am working through an interesting problem. I would like to separate coffee fields from shot fields, so there would be a single source of truth. The goal is to make it easy to change the coffee data on all the shots you made with it at once. And with that to increase the quality of said data. If nothing else, I’d like a nice emoji with an origin country flag next to a shot 😅

But back to what’s new today:

EY Calculator

Yes, finally! 🙈

You can now calculate the Extraction Yield on the shot edit page if you have bean weight, drink weight, and TDS data. I have no idea why I hadn’t made this before since it was frequently requested, but it’s there now.

Enjoy! ☕

February 13, 2022

Weight in the Cup at Stage Transitions

Over the weekend Louis-Philippe Huberdeau made several contributions to Visualizer GitHub with this result:

Weight in Cup

It’s a simple call-out at the intersection of the weight flow line and the stage transitions. It allows to quickly answer the common question: how much has dripped at the end of the preinfusion or any other stage.

If you like this feature, be sure to thank him in the Discord. And if you want to extend Visualizer with your feature, PRs are always welcomed. But maybe ping me before you invest a massive amount of work if it doesn’t align with my vision of Visualizer. 😅

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this improvement, and massive thanks again to Louis-Philippe! 🥰

January 21, 2022

OAuth 2.0 server

Recently ross() aka ryan questioned me about adding an OAuth server to Visualizer. He has some ideas about creating an application and feels like it would not make much sense to create accounts there too.

Speaking of, his company Luma has decided to give away 10 1-year subscriptions to Visualizer. So if you’re not yet a Premium member, you should probably check out Discord. 😉

Our conversation got me thinking, and of course, I want to support 3rd parties building things on top of/around Visualizer. So starting today, any user with the developer flag can create an application. If you want to develop apps against Visualizer, please contact me, and I’ll enable it for you.

For the technically inclined, I support Authorization Code Flow via doorkeeper. Here’s some info on how to use it:

The default scope is read, which gives you read-only access. You can also request write scope, which will allow you to write. The only supported actions are the ones in the API as of this writing, so the only write action is api/shots/upload.

I plan to extend endpoints in the future. If you’re interested in this, please let me know what you’d need.

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